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There is something to be said about having a clean and organized work or living space. According to a study by Princeton University, researchers discovered that our environment can positively or negatively impact our ability to complete tasks as well as our overall mental health.

When things are not organized or clean, it can often bring vast amounts of anxiety. You may feel constantly stressed, worried, or afraid of more clutter accumulating. To allow our minds to find some peace, decluttering can lift that weight and help us to think clearer and feel calmer.

  1. Choose five spots to clean up and decide which to tackle each day. Put ‘em on your calendar!

  1. Decide when you will spend your ten minutes and set a timer on your phone to remind you of this appointment, and then set a stopwatch for the 10 minutes you’re in action.

If you make this clutter-removal practice a part of your mental health care, you’ll find that it can easily become a mental health ritual or regular part of your day.