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Serranía del Chiribiquete National Park in Colombia, which is home to rare wildlife including jaguars, giant otters and woolly monkeys, has been increased by more than 50% following conservation efforts supported by WWF.

Chiribiquete is home to nearly 3000 animal and plant species, including 366 birds and iconic species such as jaguars, manatees, dolphins, river otters, tapirs and the vulnerable brown woolly monkey. This rich biodiversity is due to the park’s unique location where four regions meet - the Amazon, Andean, Orinoco and Guyanas – and led UNESCO to make it a World Heritage Site, in recognition of its ‘outstanding universal value’ for nature and people.

The park has increased from 2.8 million hectares to 4.3 million, an expansion of 1.5 million hectares – equivalent to the size of Northern Ireland.

Art by one of my favorite artists, Elizabeth Haidle.

Source: WWF