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While there are many laws to combat animal cruelty, Switzerland is the first country to recognize that animals have ‘social rights’ that need to be honoured.

The country passed a law, making it illegal to own just one guinea pig at a time because a cavy being a social animal moves around in herds and can get awfully lonely if left without a companion.

“Guinea pigs can make fantastic pets but like all animals they have very complex needs and should never be the sole responsibility of a child. “Guinea pigs are sociable, active animals. They need to live with at least one other friendly guinea pig and benefit from enrichment so it’s important to give them a large space where they can play and explore together.”

Because it’s unlikely that two guinea pigs will die at the exact same time, pet owners can find themselves in a legally sticky situation when one of their animals passes away. Fortunately, there are now rent-a-guinea pig services in the country that provide partners to live with lonesome guinea pigs for the remainder of their lives.

Source: ZME Science