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2022 May
Spain will introduce menstrual leave
A little over one hour of brisk walking reduces depression
A wooden skyscraper in Sweden can capture 9 million kilograms of CO2
Enzyme Could Eliminate Billions of Tons of plastic Waste
2022 April
Sea Otters Hold Hands to not drift apart
Parachutist throws 100 million seeds in a deforested area of ​​the Amazon
Urban Worms delivered worms to your house for eco food waste
Plant based food sale are up 54 percent since 2018
Mothers in New York Will Soon Get Monthly Cash
Forests in Scotland are the largest they have been
Oils from microalgae could replace palm oil
Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed to Supreme Court
Austria implements repair bonuses
An Airbus just completed a flight powered by cooking oil
2022 March
France bans burning unsold fashion stocks
WWF creates safe haven for marine life in northern Great Barrier Reef
Ebike sales are booming because of gas prices
Record of installations for solar panels
Panama gave legal rights to nature
A new hotline offers pep talks from kindergartners
electronic nose can detect parkinson disease
Shoppers ditch red meat after seeing climate impact in store receipts
Pianist travel to Ukraine to play for refugees
Humpback Whales Removed From Australian Threatened Species List
Happy Women History Month
2022 February
Turkey man turn barren land into a lush forest in 25 years
Largest coal fired plant in Australia will close 7 years earlier
Iceland finally bans whale hunting
Scotland free bust travel for people under 22
France add warning to card ads
Romania wants students to learn about climate change
Doctors in Canada can prescribe time in nature
Umuganda is a national holiday in Rwanda where people come together to help their community
VR therapy is on the horizon
2022 January
Giraffe numbers are up 20 percent
Spain makes pets legal members of family
Berlin metro offers edible tickets to help commuters relax
Sweden creates an agency to fight fake news
California new law fights food waste
Psychedelics And MDMA For Medical Use In Canada
Celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr
Humpback whales comeback in Canada
In Milan you can attend cat yoga classes
Drone saves heart attack patient in Sweden
Nepal doubles its wild tiger population
2021 December
A free tree for every welsh household
Jolabokaflod is the Icelandic ‘book flood’ tradition
Bird song album from endangered species soars ahead of Christmas classics
Forest bathing helps your mental health
The Lonely Funeral Project in the Netherlands