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2022 September
Booze helps plants fight drought
Letting go of a grudge can make you healthier
Ozone layer hits a significant milestone
Mediterranean Shipping Company rerouted its fleet to protect blue whales
Scotland to freeze rent and rail fares
Dutch city bans meat adverts in public
San Francisco decriminalizes psychedelics
Shell banned from oil exploration in South Africa
Wearing socks to bed gets you to sleep faster and better
Finland fines speeding drivers to an amount proportionate to their income
Magic mushrooms can treat alcohol use disorder
Goats and sheep can prevent wildfires in Barcelona
2022 August
Biking like the Dutch can reduce CO2 drastically
France bans fossil fuel ads
Scientists found a way to destroy forever chemicals
Avocados help to lessen anxiety
Scotland is the first country in world to provide free period products
Synthetic cornea restore vision in blind people
The EU Will Require Gender Representation On Company Boards
A man becomes fifth person to be cured of HIV
Great Barrier Reef is making a coral comeback
First Native American woman to travel to space
Napping during the day increase your wellbeing
Wild Tiger Numbers Are Up 40 Percent
2022 July
Sweden launches housing experiment to combat loneliness
Hugs Strengthen Our Immune System
Psilocybin Microdosing Improved Mental Health and Psychomotor Performance in Those Over 55 Years of Age
Fin whales return in numbers to feeding ground in Antartica
Turn off your phone and go to sleep
Netherlands makes work from home a legal right
4000 beagles rescued from a Virginia facility
Dolphin poo helps coral reefs survive
Artificial human tissue will replace animal testing
Australia barbershops tackle mental health stigma
Pawternity leave for employees
New Orleans radio station is helping the blind
Growing up with a pet is linked to lower levels of anxiety
2022 June
Optimism lengthens life
EU Parliament passes ban on new petrol and diesel cars by 2035
Elderly New Yorkers to get robots to help relieve loneliness
Saving coral reefs using 3D printing
Kindness in the workplace can improve job performance
Greater one horned rhino population reaches new high
Mealworms can safely consume styrofoam
Rats are trained to help people after earthquakes
Marijuana legalization linked to fall in alcohol and opioids
Mushrooms are linked with reduction in anxiety
Metro in Japan gets serious about disability access
Couple in India launches biodegradable cigarette filters that sprout into plants
Successful gun buyback event in California