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2022 December
The heart rate of dogs increases when they hear I Love You
Dutch supermarket opens slow checkouts to fight loneliness
2022 November
Cutting caffeine before bed can help you with anxiety
95 years old Angela Alvarez crowned best new artist at Latin Grammys
UK is planning to build 1000 bee bus stops
Lab grown meat is approved for consumption in the US
Mammal population is making a comeback in Europe
Taiwan is growing produce inside underground metro stations
blood grown in a lab has been transfused into humans for the first time
Woman who can smell parkinsons helps creating a new test
Birdsongs can help you with anxiety
The Gallery test can screen for more than 50 cancers
Decluttering can help you with anxiety
2022 October
Spain will launch low emission zones in 150 cities
Wax worm saliva could potentially help solving our plastic problem
You Can Use Ice Cubes to Stop Panic Attacks
Meet the Indian Mother of Trees
South Scotland biggest community land buyout doubles
Smile more as it relieves stress and anxiety
One single charger in Europe
Biden pardons marijuana convictions
Found days working week is becoming a reality
Making the bed helps with anxiety
Waling helps with anxiety
2022 September
Booze helps plants fight drought
Letting go of a grudge can make you healthier
Ozone layer hits a significant milestone
Mediterranean Shipping Company rerouted its fleet to protect blue whales
Scotland to freeze rent and rail fares
Dutch city bans meat adverts in public
San Francisco decriminalizes psychedelics
Shell banned from oil exploration in South Africa
Wearing socks to bed gets you to sleep faster and better
Finland fines speeding drivers to an amount proportionate to their income
Magic mushrooms can treat alcohol use disorder
Goats and sheep can prevent wildfires in Barcelona
2022 August
Biking like the Dutch can reduce CO2 drastically
France bans fossil fuel ads
Scientists found a way to destroy forever chemicals
Avocados help to lessen anxiety
Scotland is the first country in world to provide free period products
Synthetic cornea restore vision in blind people
The EU Will Require Gender Representation On Company Boards
A man becomes fifth person to be cured of HIV
Great Barrier Reef is making a coral comeback
First Native American woman to travel to space
Napping during the day increase your wellbeing
Wild Tiger Numbers Are Up 40 Percent
2022 July
Sweden launches housing experiment to combat loneliness
Hugs Strengthen Our Immune System