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2021 November
Retirement home for elephants in France
Great Barrier Reef gives birth in massive coral spawning event
Portugal is coal free
Serbia football team donates cash bonus
It is illegal for bosses to text workers after hours in Portugal
100 nations agree to end and reverse deforestation
Sharks will have their highway in the Pacific Ocean
10 countries generate almost 100 Percent renewable electricity
Squirrels are responsible for oak forest regeneration
Indian rhino numbers are better than 100 years ago
Australia is studying magic mushroom for anxiety treatment
Mustard Based Fuel Could Reduce Aviation Carbon Footprint
TeamSeas will remove 30 million pounds of trash from oceans
Whale can capture CO2
2021 October
Gorilla Guardian Club turns poachers into protectors
People send love emails to trees in Melbourne
Nonprofit Collects 20000 Pounds Of Trash From Ocean
The ozone is on the path to recovery
Ireland launched basic income for artists
Barn owls replace pesticides in California wineries
The Swedish plastic recycling revolution
First malaria vaccine to be rolled out
Indigenous Australians get land back
Barcelona offers free public transportation to former car owners
Three endangered Northwest killer whales are pregnant
2021 September
Spain to ban plastic wrap for produce
World Cleanup Day record
EU Parliament voted to phase out animal testing
Soccer players in Romania help adopting stray dogs
Most plans for coal plants have been scrapped
Vegan leather upcycled from pineapple waste
UK bans shark fin trade
Glasgow club is using dancers body heat to power the venue
When a new child arrives in Wales a tree gets planted in Uganda
Mexico bans cosmetic animal testing
French startups turns urine into sustainable fertilizer