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2021 September
Soccer players in Romania help adopting stray dogs
Most plans for coal plants have been scrapped
Vegan leather upcycled from pineapple waste
UK bans shark fin trade
Glasgow club is using dancers body heat to power the venue
When a new child arrives in Wales a tree gets planted in Uganda
Mexico bans cosmetic animal testing
French startups turns urine into sustainable fertilizer
2021 August
German animal shelter adds pets on Tinder to increase adoptions
Forest Man of India Planted a Forest Bigger Than Central Park
Underwater museum to save marine life
Welsh stops new road building projects
Native American population steady rise
Zero poaching of rhinos in Kenya
Sardinia has record centenarians
Dark chocolate vs anxiety
Madrid is building the largest metropolitan forest
CO2 capture facility in Scotland
LGBTQ athletes record in Tokyo Olympics
2021 July
Basel green roofs record
704 cities commit to tackle the climate crisis
Greenland stops oil exploration
Brazilian Nuts are rich in Selenium
Chile constitution set gender equality standard
Bee bus stops in Leicester
Elephants rewilded in Kenya
Norway retouched photo law
Indigenous peoples amazing conservation efforts
Argentina bans salmon farming
Icy health benefits of cold showers