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Through a program called Cats at Work, the Tree House Humane Society, a local animal shelter, releases feral felines on to city streets. The initiative places two to three cats, all spayed, neutered and vaccinated, outside of residences and businesses to sustainably deal with Chicago’s rodent problem.

The cats are animals that “would not thrive in a shelter or home environment” and are usually subject to long stays in animal control centers or euthanization, according to the non-profit’s website.

While the deployed felines will sometimes kill rats, the mere presence of these repurposed alley cats is usually enough to scare off rats.

Local homeowners or businesses can sign up for the program, as long as they cover food, water and shelter for the cats. The popular program currently has a “long waitlist”, as stated on its website.

“Working cats are natural predators, which provide a reliable, permanent solution and a win-win for both humans and cats,” said the shelter.

Source: The Guardian