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Adopt-A-Beehive programs around the world allows people to directly help honey bees without the troubles of operating their own beehives. It’s an easy, hands-off​ way to aid nature’s pollination process ​while still giving you the satisfaction of doing your part to help the environment.

In Italy, the 150-year-old beekeeping farm ADI has started its own program: anyone can adopt - alone or in groups - a beehive for a period of six months, one year or three years. By adopting the hive, “step-parents” will be able to contribute to the management of bees and will be entitled to receive jars of honey produced by the hive.

The initiative is not only focused on saving hives that are home to tens of thousands of bees, but also to educate adults, teens and children on the importance of these pollinating insects for the ecosystem.

Source: ADI