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A barber shop is a place where you traditionally get a haircut or a beard trim, but now clients can get some mental health advice as well.

Barbers are uniquely positioned to provide mental health support, and the program attempts to make the most of the relationships fostered with their clients. 

The Barbers for Life project in Launceston, in northern Tasmania, has equipped local barbers with mental health first aid training.

Barbers have undertaken a two-day training course, with the aim of supporting clients who are doing it tough.

"We see ourselves as a bit on the forefront in the mental health battle," a barber from Launceston said. "We see a lot of customers each and every day that are struggling and we just wanted some help and advice as to how to deal with that appropriately.”

"We learnt how to assess people that might be having some issues and then how to appropriately guide them towards some resources and give them some advice that they can use to help them.”

The business also makes available pamphlets for customers, which list available resources.

Source: ABC News