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The number of Belgians who commute to work by bicycle has increased dramatically over the past few years, a recent study by Belgium's FPS Mobility has found.

All employees who cycle to work will soon be entitled to a bicycle compensation of €0.27 per km of their commute from 1 May 2023, Previously, the compensation was €0.24 per km.

In Belgium, 571,000 employees already receive a mileage allowance. A few km commute to work could equate to over a thousand € a year, tax-free, straight into your pocket. 

The bicycle allowance in Belgium is given to employees who regularly commute to work using this mode of transportation. Interested individuals can send a signed declaration to their employees to claim the allowance. It should state that they use a bicycle to and from the office and the distance they travel.

Apart from the positive impact to employees' health and the environment, reducing the number of cars on the road ease congestion.

Source: Brussel Times