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Climate change is a massive problem. Flash Forest has an unusual solution, using drones to plant 1 billion trees.

While many think of drones as a toy, Flash Forest has gone the other way: It’s deploying drones to nourish life.

This Canadian drone reforestation company modifies drones to fire rapidly germinating tree seeds into the soil. They merge technology, software and ecological science to surpass traditional tree-planting efforts and rapidly accelerate global reforestation efforts.

Each of their seed pods contain at least three pre-germinated seeds, mycorrhizae, fertilizers, and their secret sauce. They aim for an average of eight different species to ensure we build healthy ecosystems. Not monocultures.

The company’s drones can plant trees up to 10 times as fast as humans can, especially in rugged, inaccessible areas, and often for less than $1 per tree.

Source: Flash Forest