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Curridabat, Costa Rica, has granted pollinators—including bees, hummingbirds, bats, and butterflies— along with native plants and trees citizenship.

Nicknamed “Sweet City,” Curridabat has transformed its urban planning. Urban development now reflects the connection between humans and wildlife.

The Mayor’s office made pollination a focal point for the development of Curridabat’s green spaces.

“The keystone concept in this new vision of urban development is to consider pollinators as the most efficient agents of prosperity,” the office states in a release.

“Pollinators were the key,” Edgar Mora, the former mayor of Curridabat, told The Guardian. He has been credited with transforming the city into a haven for wildlife during his 12-year term as mayor.

“Pollinators are the consultants of the natural world, supreme reproducers and they don’t charge for it,” he continued. “The plan to convert every street into a bio corridor and every neighborhood into an ecosystem required a relationship with them.”

Source: Live Kindly