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Some dog owners around the world who don't pick up their pet's poo, are being traced through DNA samples taken from the mess left behind.

Today, few cities and thousands of property managers in the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom are testing dog poop surveillance programs through companies that DNA-test abandoned dog doo-doo, find the guilty party, and slap them with a fine.

Here’s how it works: people swab their dog’s cheek when moving into residence. That DNA sample is entered into the national pet registry. So if a pup poops on a lawn and the owner leaves it there, maintenance crews will take a sample, which will be sent to the lab.

Then, the sample is run through the DNA database until a match is found. The result is sent to the landlord who can dish out a fine to the guilty dog owner.

So get ready to open that doggy bag — or open your wallet. The choice is yours.

Source: Medium