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Activism isn’t only for the young. Many seniors are eager to join the climate movement and they have the power to achieve key goals.

When people reach their 70s and beyond, psychological research shows that they become motivated by ‘generativity’ that is, a desire to contribute to a future that they themselves may not live to see.

Climate activists took to the streets in the US in one of the biggest coordinated demonstrations over global warming since millions of the world’s youth walked out of their classrooms in 2019 to urge their governments to do more to tackle the climate crisis. Except this time, it’s not young people leading the charge but Baby Boomers.

“So far the kids have had to do all of the work and they’ve done an amazing job, but it’s not fair to ask 18-year-olds to solve this problem,” Bill McKibben, the prominent climate activist who founded Third Act “Older people have got money and structural power coming out of our ears. We have to show young people we have their back.”

Source: The Revelator