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Since 2018, the UN World Happiness Report has found that Finland is the happiest country in the world.

The report compares the answers to one of the more than 100 questions in the Gallup World Poll. The question is: On a scale of zero to ten, where do you place your own life (with zero being the worst possible life and ten being the best possible life)?

The answers, called “life evaluations” by the authors of the report, provide a measurement of people’s contentedness with life.

Finland has fostered an infrastructure of happiness, constructing and maintaining the culture and the social institutions that form the basis and framework for individuals and communities to build their happiness.

Finland invites you to discover Finnish happiness skills in our enchanting city of Helsinki through the Helsinki Happiness Hacks this June. The chosen participants will enjoy a curated 5-day experience crafted by five Helsinki Happiness Hackers, aimed at guiding you towards finding your inner Helsinkian.

Source: @ourfinland