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Finland first topped the World Happiness Report in 2018. The country has remained at the top of the rankings based on how the people there describe their personal sense of "wellbeing," according to the publication. The happiness score also considers countries' gross domestic product, social support systems, personal freedom and levels of corruption.

We believe Finnish happiness stems from a close relationship with nature and our down-to-earth lifestyle," Heli Jimenez, Business Finland's senior director of international marketing said. "It's not some mystical state, but a skill that can be learned and shared."

Those selected for the Masterclass of Happiness will work with coaches in four areas: nature and lifestyle, health and balance, design and everyday, and food and wellbeing.

The happiness class will be held at the Kuru Resort in the Finnish Lakeland from June 12-15, with participants arriving on June 11 and leaving on June 16. Visit Finland will cover all costs for 10 people.

Those interested in applying have until April 2. Applicants, who must be at least 18 years old, will have to complete a social media challenge on Instagram or TikTok in which they post a video "showing us what things make you believe you may secretly be a Finn," according to Visit Finland.

Source: CBS News