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For those who have dedicated their lives to heal and protect the planet, how do you honor that sacrifice after death? Both cremations and traditional burials cause environmental damage that is not easy to reconcile.

However, that is all changing with Recompose, a Seattle company that has recently opened the nation's first human composting funeral home. Recompose offers an innovative funeral service that turns human remains into healthy soil.

Nearly a decade of research and development went into the founding of Recompose. Their website explains, recomposition "uses the process of 'natural organic reduction' to gently convert human remains into soil."

Recompose’s method works by entombing the body in a capsule filled with wood chips, alfalfa, and straw, along with bacteria that love to chow on organic matter. Over a 30-day period, which requires the occasional turning of the capsule, the bacteria turn our bodies into productive fertilizer.

After the composting process is complete, family members can choose to keep the soil or donate it to the Bells Mountain conservation forest. This forest restoration project welcomes family members to visit and see the real impact their loved one has made on the local environment.

Source: Ecowatch