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Finland, with approximately 75 per cent forest coverage, has been a pioneer in exploring the health benefits of forests for over a decade.

Researchers in Finland believe a forest can help in coping with feelings of anxiety, insomnia, and the experience of pain in combination with medical treatment.

Biologist Adela Pajunen has been developing activities for patients in these so-called “health forests”. She believes there are well-being benefits from the sense of experiencing shelter in a forest.

“On this outing, we listened to the stream, and watched snowflakes. But it can also be plants, animals, birds, insects, and stones. The processes of nature, birth, and death,” Pajunen said.

A recently published joint study published by Helsinki University, the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, and Sipoo municipality demonstrated a clinically significant increase in mental well-being when a group of patients was taken on guided treks.

Source: EuroNews Next