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The restaurant that opened in Verona is called “Al Condominio” and it is a truly innovative place because it has decided to be “tech-free”.

The owners have decided to give diners a particular experience, focused on being together, chatting and sharing food. Pure conviviality.

To achieve this, the managers have decided to give free a bottle of wine to customers who decide not to use their smartphone during the meal. Those who join the initiative can put their device in special lock boxes by the table and then sit and enjoy their meal.

In this way, according to the creators, people can talk again instead of remaining glued to their smartphone.

The place has been renamed Human Centric Restaurant and the idea behind this initiative was explained by Angelo Lella, one of the co-founders. “We wanted to create a human centric restaurant, to rediscover the beauty of a dinner looking into each other’s eyes and chatting. Sometimes you see couples at the table busy photographing and posting the dishes or responding to messages and voicemails, but they no longer speak to each other”.

Source: Corriere del Veneto