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After a rough few years of bleaching and wild weather, the Great Barrier Reef is making a coral comeback!

The Great Barrier Reef is teeming with the stuff right now and that's a welcome relief for scientists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science, who have been monitoring the reef for a while now.

They say that the reef has been slowly recovering over the past few years after being pummeled by wild weather destructive species like crown of thorns starfish and of course mass bleaching. Scientists have recorded more coral cover than they've seen in the last 36 years.

There is still one little problem. Most of the regrowth is just one type of coral, called Acropora. And while they are flourishing, this type of coral is easily destroyed by storms and heatwaves that leads to bleaching. Marine scientists reckon that to keep the marine ecosystem healthy, there needs to be lots of different types of coral that are more resistant to stress. So, they'll keep their eye on the reef, and, hopefully keep the recovery going into the future.

Source: MSNBC