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In 2002, Derrick Campana, started building orthotic and prosthetic devices for people and quickly learned this was something he was good at. It wasn’t until 2004 when a veterinarian brought her dog, a black Labrador named Charles, into his “human” office, that Derrick discovered his true passion… Making these devices for animals.

In 2005, driven from this passion, Derrick started Animal Ortho Care. From that one dog, his company today has treated more than 20,000 furry patients with mobility devices.

He doesn’t only treat dogs or cats, he’s also making prosthetics for camels, horses, gazelles, sheep, birds, and elephants. “Now we’re seeing people caring about animals more, and we’re showing the world that things like dog prosthetics exist, and you can give your animals a second chance,” Campana proclaimed.

Derricks Goal is to help as many animals as he can while in his lifetime and even the playing field between animals and humans as far as treatment options available.

Source: Bionic Pets