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In Milan, there’s a studio that organizes cat yoga classes. The idea came to Eleonora Coco, the owner of the MarySoul Yoga, who decided to combine "everything that makes me happy: yoga and cats". 

The idea came to Eleonora when she was teaching at home. She noticed how much the students loved having her cat Musa around.

Hence the decision to experiment and offer lessons with four-legged friends also in her studio in Milan.

"They say that cats absorb negative energy and release positive energy - explains Eleonora Coco, known as Ele Tink. “Many students told me that after a cat yoga class they forget all about their stress.”

And the yoga sessions with cats have a noble purpose. Many of the “yoga cats” are looking for a family and one of the main objectives of the project is to show how adorable they are in the hope of finding them a forever home.