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In the Spring of 2019, Helena, Seija, Leena and Anne, along with eight others, began discussing their vision for a different kind of climate activist group. In their minds, there was a need to bring more hope, fairness and facts to the climate conversation, and start a cross-generational community of activists in Finland.

What started as a germ of an idea in the Helsinki Public Library has turned into a thriving community of almost 6,000 grandmothers helping to curb climate change.

The organisation, Aktivistimummot, meaning “Activist grannies”, has received attention from politicians, media and people of all ages.

“For us, the most important thing is reducing our grandchildren’s climate anxiety. so how to reduce that? by taking care and taking action. We try to give real, science-based information about climate change, and create a positive feeling of how you can fight this and how you can change the world. And that it’s not a bad future, it’s a good future”.

Aktivistimummot wants to prove that a sustainable and fulfilling life is not necessarily difficult to achieve; that burning fossil fuels and living in a way that worsens climate change is not the status quo.

Source: Euronews