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Every bit of momentary joy we’ve had through experiencing culture and the arts has also served us as a means to help us understand ourselves, our place in society and what that society itself values at this unique moment in history.

Those who make artistic and creative work their chief occupation often experience income insecurity, cash-flow problems, even poverty. There is often pressure to ‘get a real job’ or to do commercially valued work, in order to earn a living. Financial stress can impede creativity.

Basic income is not payment for artistic and creative work. It is recognition of everybody’s need for financial security, regardless of the kind of work they do.

The pilot for a new basic income guarantee scheme for artists and arts workers could see “around 2,000” creative workers drawing income from March 2022, or “the beginning of April, and no later than that”, said Minister for the Arts Catherine Martin.

The scheme sends a message to artists living and working in Ireland that their work is valued, appreciated and necessary.

Source: Irish Time