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Inner Cosmos, a new neurotechnology company presented its first neural implant to treat depression. The neurotechnology company created what it calls “a digital pill for the mind," a tiny implant similar to a cochlear implant.

The technology sends tiny electrical currents into the brain to target imbalanced networks that contribute to depression.

Depression is the largest chronic disease in the world, affecting 241 million individuals before COVID, more than doubling during the pandemic.

The unique system design has two parts. First, there is the implant, which is the size of a fingernail. It is implanted under the skin and lays unobtrusively next to the skull. The other part is the “prescription pod,” itself quite small, which snaps onto hair to power the device.

Sensors are constantly monitoring the implant. A doctor can check a dashboard to see how their patients’ brains are doing in real time.The company received FDA Investigational Device Exemption approval to conduct the first human study.

Source: Forbes