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This New Orleans institution still on the air, it's thriving. It’s all thanks to donations, an army of volunteers and listeners that depend on the very unique services they provide.

This rare radio station—located inside an old Victorian home—plays just about anything, except music. That’s not the only thing that makes WRBH Radio unique; the station uses their resources to help people with a visual impairment.

Every day, a stream of volunteers at the station bring listeners just about anything that comes in print, including news headlines, grocery ads and even horoscopes.

The station provides local news, as well as national news. That also includes the funnies from national newspapers.

The station and its volunteers are making impacts on people’s lives—people like Tim Lindsley, who lost his vision later in life. Lindsley, a loyal listener in Thibodaux, Louisiana, says not only does WRBH bring him the news he can no longer read, it also brings a companion, of sorts, into his home.

Source: ABC News