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Peyo, a Barb stallion, and his owner once competed at dressage events. Now they spend their time doing rounds in a French hospital, often staying with sick people until the end.

Peyo’s brain is wired differently from most horses.

Not only can the horse detect illness, but also he has the empathy and drive to help those in need. According to the Les Sabots du Coeur website, Peyo is the only horse out of the 500 they tested to be able to “detect cancer, tumors and support the end of life.”

At the hospital Peyo tells his trainer Hassen Bouchakour which room he wants to enter next by stopping or raising his leg.

Whether it’s a child or an elderly person, a patient or their family members, Peyo brings delight and peace. The staff also looks forward to his visit; his presence reduces the stress of a difficult job. Each month, Hassen and Peyo visit about 20 people who are at the end of their life. They’ve supported well over 1,000 patients since the horse’s journey of compassion began.

Source: Guideposts