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The Scottish Parliament has just voted to pass the new Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill, 20 years after the Scottish Parliament last tried to ban the cruel blood sport of fox hunting in 2002. This new Bill means that many of the loopholes that have allowed it to continue have been closed.

Crucially, this Bill also includes a pre-emptive ban on trail hunting which is often seen as a 'smokescreen’, or a loophole, for hunts to continue in England and Wales. This means that trail hunting will not be legal north of the border.

Scotland will now have the most robust law anywhere in the UK so far, to prevent the cruelty of chasing and killing wild mammals for sport - and this is something to celebrate.

Despite a persistent campaign from those resolute to keep hunting alive in the Scottish countryside, and with encouragement from tens of thousands of people from around the country, the Scottish Government has been determined to end the sport of hunting, a sentiment which has been supported by the Parliament.