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In a survey released this week by the Seoul-based thinktank Animal Welfare Awareness, Research and Education, more than 94% of respondents said they had not eaten dog meat in the past year, while 93% said they would not eat it in the future.

Consumption has slumped dramatically in recent decades, particularly among younger South Koreans who consider dogs as family pets.

Despite the sharp decline in consumption, about 1,150 farms continue to breed dogs for meat, while 1,600 restaurants sell dog meat dishes in South Korea, according to the agriculture ministry.

The country’s national assembly voted overwhelmingly to ban the breeding, butchery, distribution and sale of dogs for their meat on Tuesday, after years of pressure at home and abroad.

While the law does not criminalise consumption, the measures will effectively bring an end to eating the animals, a practice some say stretches back centuries.

The ban, which passed with 208 votes in support and two abstentions, will be enforced in 2027 after a three-year grace period. The law includes compensation packages to help businesses move out of the industry.

Source:The Guardian