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The South Korean Democratic Party Assembly Member introduced a legislative bill that seeks to eliminate the dog meat industry. The bill is set to outlaw the breeding and slaughter of dogs for human consumption, prohibiting dog meat farms, dog slaughterhouses, and the sale of dog meat throughout South Korea – as well as supporting dog farmers to transition to alternative businesses.

An estimated one million dogs are still intensively bred on thousands of farms across the country, typically in extremely low-welfare conditions, with many stolen pets among them.

The bill, called a Special Act, has been welcomed by Humane Society International Korea (HSI), which has been working on the ground in the country since 2015.
HSI/Korea runs a scheme in the country working in partnership with dog farmers, to help them leave the dog meat industry and transition to a more humane livelihood. Several farmers have left the industry thanks to this scheme, remarking that dog meat farming has “no future” in South Korea.

Source: Dogs Today