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French may reputedly be the language of love but Spanish has been judged internationally to be the most positive-sounding language on the planet. If you have always loved the way Spanish sounds, there is now scientific proof to back up those feelings of yours.

Researchers took the 10,000 most frequently used words from each language (English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, French, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic and Spanish) and hired 50 native speakers to rate each word from 1 to 10 on a happiness scale.

According to Peter Dodds, the co-leader of the study, the most significant discovery is that “every language skews towards happiness.”

However, some languages have proven to be happier than others. The Chinese language ranked at the bottom of this scale, followed by Korean, Russian, and Arabic. Spanish, on the other hand, ranked at the top of the list.

Interestingly, Spanish uses nine positive words for every negative word, while Chinese only uses three positive words for every seven negative words.

Source: Science Alert