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SällBo is a multicultural and multigenerational living space in Helsingborg, Sweden.
 The name of the project relates to the Swedish words for companionship (sällskap) and living (bo), which describes the project’s goals to combat loneliness and promote social cohesion by giving residents incentives and space for social interaction.

SällBo aims to create a new way of living where generations and cultures can meet within the social life of the centre.

Sällbo, which opened last November, consists of 51 apartments spread over four floors of a refurbished retirement home.

More than half of the 72 residents are over 70s, the rest are aged 18-25.

All were selected after an extensive interview process to ensure a mix of personalities, backgrounds, religions, and values, and all had to sign a contract promising to spend at least two hours a week socialising with their neighbours.

Source: The Guardian