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A consortium of Sweden-based trade groups and companies is investing to build what they call the largest and most modern plastic recycling plant in the world, which will be completed in 2023.

Known as Site Zero and operated by Swedish Plastic Recycling (Svensk Plaståtervinning), the facility is being built to recycle up to 200,000 metric tons of plastic per year. Site Zero, in Motala, Sweden, will be able to recycle “all plastic packaging from Swedish households and makes plastics circular – completely without any CO2 emissions.”

“Any small parts of plastic that remain after the sorting process are separated to be sent to chemical recycling, or to become new composite products,” states Swedish Plastic Recycling, adding, “At Site Zero, zero packaging goes to incineration.”

Site Zero will be “completely climate neutral and emission-free”. The plant is operated with renewable energy, and the small amounts of plastic and other waste that cannot be recycled are fed into an energetic recovery, the so-called CCS (Carbon Capture Storage), without climate emissions. There are also plans to generate renewable energy by covering the building’s large flat roof with solar panels.

Source: Svensk Plaståtervinning