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More than 120 lawyers have banded together to refuse to prosecute climate protestors such as Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain and Just Stop Oil, as well as refusing to act on new fossil fuel projects.

The Declaration of Conscience asks lawyers and the government “to act urgently to do whatever they can to address the causes and consequences of the climate and ecological crises and to advance a just transition to sustainability.

The group, Lawyers Are Responsible, is made up of barristers, solicitors and academics, including some prominent individuals such as Sir Geoffrey Bindman KC (chair of the British Institute of Human Rights). Professor Leslie Thomas KC (a BSB board member) and Jolyon Maugham KC (founder of the Good Law Project).

The group has a declaration on its website stating: "We declare, in accordance with our consciences, that we will withhold our services in respect of: (i) supporting new fossil fuel projects; and (ii) action against climate protesters exercising their democratic right of peaceful protest."

“Like big tobacco, the fossil fuel industry has known for decades what its activities mean. They mean the loss of human life and property – which the civil law should prevent but does not,” Director of the Good Law Project Jolyon Maugham said.

Source: EcoWatch