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You've heard of home deliveries, clothing drop offs and food delivered straight to your door – but now the people over at The Urban Worm are planning to deliver live worms through people's letterboxes.

Rotting food waste releases greenhouse gases, including methane and nitrous oxide, which are "31 and 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide." By feeding food waste to worms, it can be broken down naturally before it starts to emit harmful gases. In addition, the worms get lots of nutrients and their faceses can then be used as a chemical-free fertiliser in the garden.

The initiative is part of their plan to #wormup Britain and improve organic waste and at-home composting in the UK, by turning people into worm farmers.

Funded by The National Lottery, the UWC (Urban Worm Community Interest Company) have 1,000 packs of tiger worms ready to be delivered to schools, community groups and households who want to take part. And they come with video tutorials on how to create your own worm farm!

Source: Country Living