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What’s thought to be the world’s first cans of cat food made from cultivated meat have been made – and they could be on the market very soon.

The product is a collaboration between “pet” food specialists Omni and cultivated meat brand Meatly.

Cultivated meat, also known as cultured meat, lab-grown meat, or cell-based meat, is a form of meat produced by culturing animal cells in a controlled environment, without the need to raise and slaughter animals. It involves taking a small sample of animal cells and providing them with the necessary conditions to grow and multiply. These cells can differentiate into muscle and fat cells, mimicking the composition of traditional meat.

According to Meatly, the cells to make the cat food were extracted from a chicken egg. The company also did not use fetal bovine serum or animal products in its production. Fetal bovine serum, which made from the blood of cow fetuses extracted from an animal during pregnancy, has traditionally been used in the cultivated meat industry to make the product grow effectively. Many companies are moving away from it, however.

Source: Plant Based News