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Experts say the treatment has huge potential and is "one of the most exciting developments in modern cancer therapy".

The world's first personalised mRNA cancer jab for melanoma is being tested in British patients. The "gamechanger" jab also has the potential to stop bladder, lung and kidney cancer.

It's custom built for each person and tells the body to identify cancer cells and stops the disease returning.

A stage-two trial found it significantly reduced the risk of cancer coming back in melanoma patients and now a final trial has been launched.

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) is leading the phase.

The jab is an individualised neoantigen therapy (INT) and can trigger the immune system to fight the patient's specific type of cancer.

To create the personalised therapy, a tumour sample is removed and has its DNA sequenced - with artificial intelligence also playing a role.

Source: Sky News