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Researchers discovered that music, specifically individuals’ favorite tracks, can reduce pain perception.

In the study, participants felt less pain intensity and unpleasantness when listening to their favorite music compared to unfamiliar relaxing tunes or silence. The emotional themes of the music also played a pivotal role, with “moving or bittersweet” songs proving the most effective.

Research has shown that music might be a drug-free way to lower humans’ pain perception. This decreased sensitivity to pain – also known as hypoalgesia – can occur when pain stimuli are disrupted between their point of input and where they are recognized as pain by the conscious mind.

To test which kind of music was most effective for reducing pain, participants received moderately painful thermal stimuli to the inner forearm, resulting in a sensation similar to a hot teacup being held against the skin. These stimuli were paired with music excerpts, each lasting approximately seven minutes.

Compared to control tracks or silence, listening to their favorite music strongly reduced pain intensity and unpleasantness in participants. Unfamiliar relaxing tracks did not have the same effect.

Source: Neuroscience News,songs%20proving%20the%20most%20effective.